Amateur Match is the corner stone of adult dating websites in the amateur niche. It can help you find someone that’s into sex or who wants to develop a serious relationship. Immediately, you will notice the site’s very simple - old school - design; that’s because the developers worked on building more features, such as live webcams and chat rooms rather than making the site look pretty. The registration process is very fast – in a matter of seconds you will be able to browse the entire site with little to no hassles. I’ve never seen so many features included with a free account. Having a premium membership sure helps, but it isn’t mandatory unlike many other dating businesses.

With tons of members near your area and an easy-to-use navigation, is a real treat to anyone serious about dating. I was particularly impressed by the available search tools. The fact there’s barely any fake profiles also helped seal the deal for me. During the first week I joined, I received no less than 37 messages from women in my area! Some of them wouldn’t win any beauty pageants, but a few were actually pretty hot.

Amateur Match is an all-around great dating website with plenty of stuff to keep you occupied for a long time. It’s a good bet you’ll find someone tailored to your needs. At some points, I had the impression most of my neighbours were using the site, in fact I stumbled upon a profile created by my daughter’s friend! I highly recommend using this dating service!

  • Unlike many adult dating websites, Amateur Match gives you a lot with just a free account. Makes it a lot more interesting to find hot dates without having to pay.
  • The service is pretty easy
  • The interface is simple and clean. You can access everything you need within a few clicks.
  • There’s a mobile version. This means you can check your inbox or browse the site while on the go.
  • Some webcam girls will ask you for a credit card to watch their live shows. It can get annoying but you can just ignore their messages and focus on the good stuff.
  • Over 4 million members
  • Dedicated to adult dating
  • Live chat rooms
  • Free porn galleries
  • Instant message feature
  • One-minute registration
  • A superior free membership that lets you use almost all features
  • Affordable premium memberships